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Integrated sewage treatment PLC control system

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At the present stage, the centralized sewage treatment in China's cities and towns is dominated, but as far as villages and towns are concerned, infrastructure construction is relatively lagging behind, and supporting pipe network projects are incomplete. Centralized treatment is not feasible in some villages and towns. Comparatively speaking, decentralized treatment can more easily meet the requirements of villages and towns for sewage treatment due to the advantages of saving the cost of laying the pipe network, short construction period, and flexible construction methods. At present, the sewage stations in villages and towns present a common site with uneven distribution, near or far from the station to the station, and different distances from the command center.
To this end, the remote monitoring system for rural integrated sewage treatment equipment developed by Kang Zhuo Technology is an important means to achieve centralized supervision of sewage treatment stations, establish a long-term mechanism for facility operation and maintenance, and improve rural living environment and ecological quality, which can effectively avoid sewage treatment. Facility reconstruction light pipe, operation and maintenance are not in place.
Kang Zhuo Technology according to the requirements of the intelligent remote control of the new rural sewage treatment station, reconstructed and upgraded all the meters and electrical control cabinets in each sewage station, and added a PLC control cabinet, KZ-601RM intelligent gateway, and finally entered Kang Zhuo Technology Smart Cloud platform.
A total of 1 PLC station is constructed for each sewage station. The Siemens PLC and Schneider switches are used to isolate all signal inputs and outputs. The Kangzhuo smart gateway is connected to the Kangzhuo cloud platform to communicate with the central control room. The automatic control system realizes the management mode of unattended on-site management and less-attended in the control room, and conforms to the principles of reliability, advancedness and applicability.
The sewage station automatic control system uses a three-layer structure: information layer, control layer, and equipment layer. The information layer is located in the operation and maintenance management platform and cloud service system of the command center; the control layer is the on-site PLC station; the equipment layer is the instrumentation testing equipment such as electromagnetic flow meters and level gauges and the field control cabinet.
The control function of the automatic control system mainly manifests in three modes:
a Remote mode: Through the computer keyboard or mouse in the central control room, the operator can control the start / stop of all controllable electrical equipment in the designated sewage station. This control mode is a common mode in normal operation of sewage stations.
b Automatic mode: The PLC station in the computer control system completes the automatic control of each production link through its internal control loop.
c Manual mode: Manual / automatic switching and manual control of the equipment through the operation buttons of the field control cabinet. Mainly used for stand-alone equipment debugging and maintenance status. Normally, the switch should be in automatic gear.
PLC control system
In order to make the sewage station operation data automatically control and access the information platform. Improve management effectiveness by increasing data indicators to prevent abnormal operations. 1 set of PLC control cabinet (including PLC programmable controller, HMI touch screen, Ethernet switch, power lightning protection over voltage protection device, small circuit breaker, terminal block, small relay, signal isolator, Installation of connection cables and field operation stations, etc.).
Realized functions after the system is completed
1) Real-time data monitoring and processing function
The data monitored by the system is displayed in the corresponding screens and tables, and has the function of randomly spotting an end station and patrolling the entire system. Can carry out statistics on the maximum, minimum, average, and cumulative value of the data by itself.
2) Graphic processing function
Draw real-time and historical trend graphs based on the database.
3) Automatic report generation function
Generate daily, monthly, and annual reports according to different time periods as required, or automatically generate reports by parameter name. Automatically generate daily reports for the information centers such as the liquid level, flow rate, equipment operating status, electrical energy, equipment fault status, and power equipment of sewage stations.
4) Historical data storage function
① The storage time of historical data is configurable. For example, the time interval for regular saving can be selected between 1 minute, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, and 1 hour.
② With data import and export functions, it is convenient for the system to perform data backup, recovery, and data comparison and analysis.
③ Supports breakpoint resume transmission, data buffering, and supplementary adjustment functions: perform data supplementary adjustments to data loss due to abnormal conditions such as network failures and equipment communication failures, and maintain historical data integrity.
④ The historical trend data is stored for more than one year.
5) Real-time / historical trend query, real-time / historical alarm query function
You can query by time period, monitoring area, monitoring point, and monitoring value. Historical data is output in tables and graphs.
6) Automatic alarm function
Alarms include: network disconnection alarm, equipment communication failure alarm, parameter exceeding alarm, etc. The alarm parameters can be set flexibly, and are bound to the mobile phone of the management staff, and an SMS notification is sent automatically when an alarm occurs.
7) Output and print functions
Various reports, query information, and alarm information can be displayed on the screen and printed out.
8) Information release function
Using the resources of the SMS platform, the very important events in the system are sent to the mobile phones of the corresponding management personnel of the sewage station according to the level and time period without affecting the daily life of the leader.
9) Electronic map function
The distribution coordinates of each sewage station platform software can be displayed through electronic maps. You can zoom in and out of the electronic map to view detailed geographic locations.
10) Mobile APP function
Through the mobile phone APP, data transmission between various subsystems can be carried out smoothly, reducing data islanding. Collaborating with leaders, managers, and sewage station leaders and managers can obtain the sewage station operation information of interest through the network.
11) Video and alarm linkage function
① Video surveillance cameras are installed in important areas of the sewage station. When personnel enter and exit, vehicles enter or exit within a planned range, or a dangerous situation occurs, a full-screen pop-up screen appears on the corresponding video screen of the monitoring center to remind the duty staff to pay attention.
② When an emergency alarm occurs, the siren of the monitoring center can be triggered.
③ Moving human bodies and objects appear in the planned video window, and the alarm information can be triggered to be pushed to the video monitoring APP on the mobile phone of the responsible person to keep abreast of the situation on site.
12) Equipment information filing function
On the software monitoring interface, click the corresponding equipment (water pump, gate hoist, flow meter, etc.), and you can pop up equipment file information, such as: manufacturer, power, production date, etc., to achieve online management of the equipment.
13) Access control function
After the sewage station is equipped with an access control system, it is authorized to full-time management personnel. Each manager can enter the corresponding sewage station at the point in time and can be documented in the software. At the same time, illegal personnel are denied entry into the station area to achieve the purpose of security management.
14) Remote control function
The Kangzhuo cloud platform software can control various sewage stations, such as turning on the lift pump and aerator. Can achieve three modes of manual, automatic, remote operation.
Project cases
Kang Zhuo Technology has many successful cases in the integrated sewage treatment PLC control system. We take each project seriously, provide the best service to users, and promote our own gradual growth. Similar cases in recent years are as follows:
Long-distance centralized monitoring operation and maintenance command center of 80 sewage treatment stations in Wuqing District, Tianjin.
Kang Zhuo integrated sewage treatment PLC control system has provided technical support services from the time of sale. If technical assistance is needed during the use process, the company has set up professional customer service for marketing services to provide users with free technical advice before, during, and after sale. And installation and commissioning instructions to solve the problems raised by users.
24-hour service hotline: 400-0940-400
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