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  • Sewage treatment mobile phone PLC control cabinet is designed and produced by Nanjing Kangzhuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. ...
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  • Nanjing Kangzhuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development, production, sales, service and transformation of industrial automation equipment such as intelligent fire protection industry and intelligent heating technology. Products include Nanjing fire inspection cabinet, automatic fire inspection ...
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  • Customized fire pump control cabinetNanjing Kangzhuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of fire control cabinets in Jiangsu area. It provides custom service for fire pump control cabinets in the surrounding areas of Jiangsu, such as Lianyungang, Suqian, and Nanjing.
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  • Nanjing Kangzhuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of imitated profile cabinets, is a private enterprise designed and integrated. Mainly produces all kinds of automation control cabinets, imitation Rittal cabinets, operation consoles, cabinets, and stainless steel ten-fold profile cabinets ...
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  • The switch cabinet is an electrical device. The outside line first enters the main control switch in the cabinet, and then enters the sub-control switch. Each branch is set according to its needs. Such as meters, automatic control, magnetic switches of motors, various AC contactors, etc., low-voltage switchgear is suitable for power generation ...
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  • 1. Electrical control cabinet design The basic idea of Kangzhuo electrical control cabinet design is to comply with the logic control law, to ensure electrical safety, and to meet the requirements of production technology, which is a good design. Kang Zhuo Technology is in ...
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  • Project Name: Nanjing Huangshui Wastewater Treatment Plant Central Control System Construction Unit: Nanjing Kangzhuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Kangzhuo Technology undertakes industry projects as follows: 1. Electrical control system and instrument automation project of sewage treatment plant 2. Since ...
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  • Nanjing Kangzhuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional sewage treatment automation control system company in Nanjing. It provides sewage treatment automation control system, pump station video monitoring system, P ...
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  • According to the scale and process requirements of Tianjin Municipal Wuqing District Municipal Drainage Station, combined with our mature technology and rich experience in the construction of municipal rainwater pumping station industry and multiple pumping stations for many years, Kangzhuo Technology designed and used the HMI + PC system as the basis. Subproject ...
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  • Nanjing Kangzhuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known power distribution company that develops, produces, sells and services explosion-proof electrical control cabinets in Nanjing and Jiangsu. It specializes in the production of explosion-proof positive pressure cabinets, explosion-proof power distribution boxes, and explosion-proof instrument boxes. ..
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