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Integrated pumping station control cabinet power distribution cabinet system solution

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Integrated Pumping Station Solution
The integrated pumping station solution is developed by Nanjing Kangzhuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (Kangzhuo Technology). The electrical structure of traditional pumping stations is mostly composed of transformers and mechanical incoming switch cabinets and outgoing switch cabinets. Manual operation is complicated and at the same time, With some danger. With the development of sensing technology and automation technology, the front-end actuators of pumping stations are all designed with remote control functions. More and more sensors are used for hydraulic operation monitoring, and the overall automation level of pumping stations has also risen accordingly.
Ordering Hotline for Automatic Control System of Integrated Pumping Station : 400-0940-400
The integrated pumping station designed by Nanjing Kangzhuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. consists of a dispatching center, a pumping station monitoring center, a communication platform, a remote monitoring and control terminal for the pumping station, metrological measurement and camera equipment. Pumping station automatic monitoring system is constructed in various types of pumping stations in multiple regions. The system is controlled by computer. The operator of the pumping station only needs to operate the mouse in front of the computer to implement the action execution and status feedback of the electrical equipment in the pumping station. . Kangzhuo technology automated pumping station remote control system is used in Tianjin municipal drainage works, Inner Mongolia Linhe municipal drainage works, Hebei Shijiazhuang municipal drainage works, Nanjing municipal drainage works, Wuxi municipal drainage works and other major municipal municipal drainage works. Remote monitoring and management of lifting pump stations in urban drainage systems. Pumping station management personnel can remotely monitor the water level or inflow of the pool and the working status, outbound flow, and outbound pressure of the drainage pump unit in the pumping station monitoring center of the drainage company; support manual control, automatic control, and remote control of pump starting equipment Start and stop of the drainage pump unit; through communication, the panoramic view and important stations in the station can be image-monitored to realize unattended pumping stations. If the number of previous pumping stations is small, we can also entrust our manufacturers to remotely manage and maintain to save users' management costs.
Nanjing Kangzhuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. uses two communication platforms, one is wired communication: optical fiber communication is rented between each relay pump station and water company, and the dispatching center, pump station monitoring center, and various functional departments communicate through LAN. The communication platform can transmit continuous images. The second is wireless communication: each relay pump station and the dispatching center communicate through a 4G wireless (or wireless bridge) network, and the dispatching center, the pumping station monitoring center, and various functional departments communicate through the LAN.
The communication platform is capable of transmitting continuous images.
Main equipment of integrated pumping station: main body, submersible pump unit, (crusher), instrument group and remote monitoring system.
The real integration pump station is a reliable remote monitoring system.
Kang Zhuo smart monitoring platform features
◆ All signals of the acquisition control system are transmitted to the Kangzhuo online monitoring platform (computer or mobile phone) through the host (remote controller).
◆ Collect the pressure of the incoming pipeline or the water level of the pool, the outgoing pressure, and the outgoing flow.
◆ Collect the electrical parameters such as the start and stop status, working current, working voltage and power of each submersible pump.
◆ Collect the switch status and power of each channel in the power distribution room.
◆ During communication, image monitoring pump station panorama, electrical room, pump room and other important stations.
◆ Support manual control, automatic control, remote control of start and stop of submersible pumps, and the control mode can be switched.
◆ According to the water pressure and pump running time, intelligently select the pump for operation.
◆ When the current is too large, lack of phase, water level is too low or too high, control cabinet protection, failure, idler entry, etc., report information immediately.
◆ Support wireless communication methods such as optical fiber communication, local area network communication, 4G network (GPRS), and short message.
◆ Store, display, and query pump station monitoring data and working parameters.
◆ Support multi-channel image monitoring.
◆ Support local and remote maintenance of measurement and control equipment.
Kang Zhuo Smart Cloud Platform Features
◆ Remotely monitor the water level or inlet pressure, outbound flow, and outbound pressure of each submersible pump station pool.
◆ Remotely monitor the working status, current, voltage, protection status and working mode of the submersible pump set.
◆ Remotely switch the control mode of the pump and remotely control the start and stop of the pump of the booster pump set.
◆ During communication, support video online monitoring of pump station panorama, electrical control room and other important stations, video can be played back.
◆ When the current and voltage exceeds the limit, the water level exceeds the limit, and the equipment is protected, the monitoring center can sound and light alarm.
◆ Support storage and query of various monitoring information, control information, alarm information and operation information.
◆ Generate various data reports and data curves.
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