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7 inch touch screen human-machine interface intelligent variable frequency constant pressure water supply controller Kang Zhuo KZ-400

Manufacturer: Nanjing Kangzhuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.Official Website: ai-master.cn Times

KZ-401 触摸屏变频恒压供水控制器 Kang Zhuo Technology KZ-400 has been fully upgraded to KZ-401 model. For more features of KZ-401, please click on the link: KZ-401 touch screen frequency conversion constant pressure water supply controller

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Product introduction
Kangzhuo KZ-400 variable frequency constant pressure water supply controller is the second-generation intelligent variable frequency constant pressure water supply controller produced by Nanjing Kangzhuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. It is a high-end human-machine interface controller specially created for the water supply industry. Since the product was put on the market in September 2011, it has been well received by new and old customers. The controller can run safely and stably in various environments, with thousands of units covering the whole country, with almost zero failure rate.
Compared with the first generation, the man-machine interface is more friendly, the functions are more complete, and the performance is more stable. It has high pressure control precision, good stability, fully automatic 8-segment pressure control and regular start and stop of the water pump.
KZ-400 water supply controller uses 7-inch high-definition color LCD screen, touch operation, full Chinese interface display, what you see is what you get. The system adopts intelligent adaptive PID adjustment, which is convenient for users to debug and use. The meticulous design makes the appearance of the product simple, and the intuitive human-machine interface brings you easy operation; industrial-grade components make the product durable, stable and reliable, and strong anti-interference ability; unique and complete interface design can meet your different scenes demand.
The product provides complete input and output signals, which can be used with various brands of inverters. Signals such as municipal pressure or tank level are available. The controller can be easily switched between constant pressure water supply for the water tank or no negative pressure water supply. Can adapt to remote pressure gauge and pressure transmitter signals.
In the use of users, no programming is required, only ordinary electrician knowledge is required, and wiring is performed according to the schematic diagram provided by our company. After simple settings, your water supply system can be put into use normally.
High-end products, highly competitive prices, stable quality and perfect after-sales service are the company's consistent adherence.
Installation of the controller
1. Controller size: 210mm * 150mm * 50mm;
2. Control cabinet installation opening size: 177mm * 128mm;
3. Controller installation: When installing, open a hole in the front panel of the control cabinet (opening size: 177mm * 128mm), pull out the controller terminal block and inlay it on the front panel, fix it with a random clip, and plug in the terminal block And then wiring.
Third, matters needing attention
1. The multi-pump starting control contactors should be interlocked when wiring. The contactors for variable frequency power frequency switching are recommended to be mechanically interlocked contactors.
2. When the contactor contact current driven by the controller exceeds 5A, an intermediate relay or a small contactor should be added between the controller and the contactor to drive, otherwise the controller will be damaged when the high-power contactor is activated.
3. As the product is continuously upgraded and improved during use, if individual parameters or descriptions in this user manual are not consistent with the actual product, without prior notice, the actual product is the main product or the dealer or manufacturer is consulted.
4. National Customer Service Hotline of Nanjing Kangzhuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd .: 400-0940-400

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