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Water pump soft start cabinet

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Soft-start control cabinet
Putting on the market in the late 1970s and early 1980s bridged the gap between star-delta starters and frequency converters in terms of functional availability and price. The voltage of the motor can be controlled to gradually increase during the starting process, and the starting current is naturally controlled, which means that the motor can start smoothly and the mechanical and electrical stress is minimized. Soft start control cabinets have corresponding special models for various occasions, such as domestic water supply and drainage, fire fighting, spraying, pressurization, air conditioning cooling cycles, industrial control pumps, sewage discharge, constant pressure water supply, air compressors, fans and pumps. specification.
Pump soft-start control cabinet
Pump soft-start control cabinet is a new generation of power distribution equipment developed by Nanjing Kangzhuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Kangzhuo pump soft-start control cabinet has a variety of protection functions such as overload, short circuit, water leakage, phase loss protection, motor over temperature and leakage. And complete status display, and can control multiple water pumps at the same time, a variety of main and backup pump switching methods and various starting methods. When the control cabinet is started, the voltage and current are reduced by the voltage reduction of the self-propagating transformer, and it is restored to full voltage during operation. Kang Zhuo pump soft start control cabinet has excellent internal quality, convenient installation and operation, beautiful and durable appearance, and is a safe and reliable companion for various pumps.

control function:

Rated current


Rated voltage

380 (V)

Rated frequency


rated power


Starting method

Current limit, voltage ramp, kick start, current ramp, current limit voltage double closed loop start

Stop mode

Soft and free parking

Analog input / output

0-10V 4-20ma

cooling method

Natural air cooling or fan cooling

Applicable motor

Squirrel cage asynchronous motor


Decompression start

Main performance indicators :

Ambient temperature: -25 ℃-+ 55 ℃

Altitude: less than 2000m, capacity needs to be reduced above 2000m

Working environment: no conductive dust, no corrosive gas, good ventilation.

Kang Zhuo pump soft start cabinets provide technical support services from the time of sale. For technical assistance during the use process, Kang Zhuo Technology has set up professional customer service for marketing services, providing users with free pre-sale, mid-sale and after-sale technical consultation and Installation and commissioning instructions to solve problems raised by users.
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