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Schneider PLC Control Cabinet

Manufacturer: Nanjing Kangzhuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.Official Website: ai-master.cn Times

Schneider PLC (programmable controller) product performance characteristics: smooth communication, flexibility, application and competitiveness; Ethernet communication: 40-point I / O integrated CPU with built-in Ethernet, allowing any kind of Twido to connect to Ethernet Bridge; measurement and calibration: 4 new analog I / O modules, additional self-tuning functions on PID; installation and debugging: programming and debugging tools for handheld computers, online editing in connection mode; CANopen master module: It is suitable for controlling open devices such as motor starters, drives, etc .; programming connection method: multi-point connection, programming via Ethernet, and programming via Bluetooth wireless connection; extended functions: additional ASCII protocol, online data and program modification, for managing Modbus And CANopen slave macro definition function; calculation: calculation range increased (double word used for: PLS, VFC, FC).

Control cabinet overview
The PLC control cabinet has protection functions such as overload, short circuit and phase loss protection. It has compact structure, stable work and complete functions. It can be combined according to the actual control gauge size, which can realize single cabinet automatic control or multiple cabinets to form a distributed (DSC) control system through industrial Ethernet or industrial fieldbus network. The PLC control cabinet can adapt to industrial automation control occasions of various sizes. Widely used in power, metallurgy, chemical, papermaking, environmental protection and sewage treatment industries.
Conditions of Use
Power supply: DC 24V, two-phase AC 220v, (-10%, + 15%), 50HZ
Protection level: IP41 or IP20
Environmental conditions: The ambient temperature is between 0 C and 55 C to prevent direct sunlight; the relative humidity of the air should be less than 85% (no condensation). Keep away from strong vibration sources and prevent frequent or continuous vibration with a vibration frequency of 10-55HZ. Avoid corrosive and flammable gases.
The product is returned for one month and three months after the product is sold. The warranty is free within one year. For technical assistance during the life-long maintenance service, the company has set up a professional customer service for marketing services to provide users with free pre-sale, sale, After-sale technical consultation and installation and commissioning guidance, solve the problems raised by users.
24-hour service hotline: 400-0940-400
Notes for ordering: * Please specify model, quantity, and whether there are special needs.
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