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KZ-LG submersible pump water leakage overheat protector, pump leakage superheat detection relay

Manufacturer: Nanjing Kangzhuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.Official Website: ai-master.cn Times

Model meaning:

1. Brief introduction of KZ-LG double-detection relay protector for pump leakage and overheating

KZ-LG (leakage + overheating) dual detection relay has the function of simultaneously detecting submersible pump leakage and submersible pump overheating.
① Submersible pump leakage protection function is used to detect whether there is water leakage in the submersible pump. When a water leak occurs in the pump, the control relay will send a corresponding control signal.
② The motor overheating protection function is specially used to detect the temperature of the stator coil in the submersible pump. When the stator in the pump body has abnormal temperature conditions, the control relay will send corresponding control signals. Workers perform timely maintenance on the pump. The control relay adopts a series of anti-interference measures in the circuit design, and can work reliably in the environment where the electromagnetic interference is very serious.

Function Overview

This type of relay is an alarm and control device that integrates leakage and overheating protection. In the system, it can monitor the performance of the pump in real time, and can simultaneously perform the protection and control functions of two parameters of the submersible pump.
The first function is that when the relay detects that the resistance value of the water sensitivity in the submersible pump is lower than the given value, the red indicator corresponding to the leak on the panel will light up, and at the same time, there will be a switch on the 7 and 8 feet of the relay output. Output, the relay continues to resume operation after power failure check and troubleshooting.
The second function is also used to detect the temperature of the stator coil inside the submersible pump. When it is detected that the temperature of the stator coil of the submersible pump exceeds a given value, the red indicator light corresponding to the overheating on the relay panel will light up, and at the same time, the relay output terminal 7 and 8 will have a switching output. When the temperature drops, the relay continues to recover jobs. The given value of the resistance is standard, and can also be set according to requirements. Users with special needs must contact in advance.

Third, the technical parameters

Working power: AC220v / 50Hz
 Operating environment temperature: -20 ~ 75 ℃
 Relative humidity: ≤95% RH, no condensation, no corrosive gas
 Input signal: resistance signal, switch signal;
 Output signal: switch signal (passive contact, comprehensive normally open)
 Contact capacity: AC220v 2A
 Detection range: water sensitive resistance <20KΩ, (adjustable)
Overheating action resistance ≥3.5KΩ (using PTC sensor)
 Maximum sensor electrode current: 50 uA
 Working method: continuous work
 Rated power consumption: AC220v / 1W
 Dimensions: 45mmX75mmX105mm
 Installation method: standard DIN35 rail
 Weight: 0.3kg

Fourth, the terminal wiring principle


Serial number

Terminal name


External input


220v AC

power input




Leak signal input



Internal output



Overheating signal input




Normally open output point

Output terminal


V. Maintenance

The product is returned for one month and three months after the product is sold. The warranty is free within one year. For technical assistance during the life-long maintenance service, the company has set up a professional customer service for marketing services to provide users with free pre-sale, sale, After-sale technical consultation and installation and commissioning guidance, solve the problems raised by users.
24-hour service hotline: 400-0940-400

Notes for ordering: * Please specify model, quantity, and whether there are special needs.

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