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Water supply company water plant automation control monitoring system

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I. System Overview
The water plant automation control and monitoring system is a new generation of automatic control system developed and designed by Nanjing Kangzhuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. The water plant automation control and monitoring system integrates water level, flow, pressure and other data and video signals collected by the water plant through the environment. Network fiber, access to the monitoring center, the monitoring center can perform data storage, data communication, real-time control, water plant operation monitoring and other operations, with the help of video surveillance and intrusion alarm and other security platforms to access, so as to achieve centralized management of the water plant.
System schematic diagram
Implementing functions
1.Data acquisition and storage function
Collect real-time data such as the water level of each catchment tank, pipeline, motor operating parameters, pump start-stop status, grid machine operation status control mode, voltage, current, protection status and other data through field instruments, sensors and other devices. Upload to the monitoring center for storage, and set the time interval for data collection and storage according to the specificity of each data.
2. Real-time control and adjustment
Managers can watch real-time data and video monitoring screens of the entire waterworks in the monitoring center, so as to understand the operating status of the equipment and personnel activities in the plant area. Once the monitoring data deviates, timely find out and deal with it accordingly. Store all data at the same time, generate record logs, and support export of EXCEL tables.
3. Waterworks operation monitoring
The system collects data from each site in real time, displays the operating status of the equipment in the form of text, numbers, and dynamic pictures, and provides intuitive graphic and textual information. The real-time monitoring data and video are displayed on the same interface. Multiple videos and data of the entire waterworks can be monitored on the same screen, or the video and data display of a single waterworks can be switched.
Video camera and intrusion alarm
The system uses ring network optical fiber to transmit field control signals and video signals. It can transmit multiple transmission video images to the monitoring center to monitor the panoramic view of sewage plants, import and export and other important locations. The optical cable transmission has a redundancy function. When one group of optical cables is disconnected, the other group of optical cables is automatically connected for communication, and the two groups of optical cables do not interfere with each other.
The system supports an intrusion alarm system. When an outsider enters the pumping station's defense area without permission, the monitoring center generates an alarm prompt to better perform security work.
Third, the overall structure
The system is mainly composed of local data acquisition equipment and camera alarm device, PLC control cabinet, ring network processing, monitoring center, etc.
3.1 Local data acquisition equipment and camera alarm device
3.2 PLC control cabinet
Pumping station operation room
3.3 ring network architecture
The signal transmission part of the system adopts the ring network optical cable mode to avoid a single optical cable being damaged midway and causing the entire link to be disconnected. Under normal circumstances, the two sets of optical cables do not affect each other. In the event of an unexpected failure, the other set of optical links is automatically opened, thereby reducing the failure rate of the system and enhancing the reliability of the system.
3.4 Monitoring Center
Video screen
Configuration chart of monitoring center
Application Cases
Kangzhuo Waterworks' automatic control monitoring system has been widely used in many large and medium-sized waterworks in China, including Nanjing Waterworks, with stable performance, safety and reliability.
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