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Host computer system

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Electrical engineer of Nanjing Kangzhuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. introduces: The automation monitoring system is generally called the host computer system. It is a monitoring system for the Kangzhuo PLC control cabinet in the factory area. The host computer software is used to make simulation models of all the equipment in the factory area Then, based on the data read from the PLC, a dynamic simulation screen is made on the simulation model on the upper computer, and the upper computer system can send instructions to the PLC to directly modify the data in the PLC to achieve the role of starting and stopping field equipment. A complete host computer monitoring system generally consists of a main interface and several sub-interfaces. The main interface reflects the distribution position and current operating status of all equipment in the plant area.

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As shown in Figure 1:

Figure 1 Monitoring main interface

Several sub-interfaces are several decompositions of the main interface, which are used to further monitor all devices in a part, as shown in Figure 2-8:

Figure 2 Intake pump station

Figure 3 Swirl dust

Figure 4 CASS pool

Figure 5 Blower Room

Figure 6 Water distribution well

Figure 7 Flocculation

Figure 8 Contact disinfection tank

The above screen is the monitoring screen of the host computer system. In addition to the monitoring function of the host computer system, it also has control functions. The buttons on the host computer interface can directly start and stop all equipment on the site.

Figure 9 Device control interface

The above describes the basic functions and related interfaces of the host computer system. Another core function of the host computer system is data storage and query. The function of the PLC system is mainly real-time control. It does not have the function of timing data storage. In general, we need to know the data of important instruments in the plant in various time periods, and can make a curve to find the most Reasonable solution, which requires the storage function of the automated monitoring system. The data is generally stored in databases such as SQL Server database, ACCESS database, etc. The host computer software directly reads the data from the database and makes reports or historical trends as required . The report query system is shown in Figure 10:

Figure 10 Report query system

Figure 11 Historical trend chart

The above is a brief introduction to the main functions of the automated monitoring system. We have different solutions for different systems. Users can put forward specific requirements such as the desired picture style, plane? 3D? The format of the report, the format of the curve, etc., the engineer will make the upper computer system according to the customer's requirements.

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