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Video surveillance solution for sewage treatment plant

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With the advancement of science and technology, informatization management is also mentioned more and more. Nanjing Kangzhuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. takes the centralized management of video monitoring of sewage treatment plants in Laishui District, Nanjing as an example to develop a video monitoring solution for sewage treatment plants.

Nanjing Kangzhuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of video monitoring systems for sewage treatment plants.

Baima Sewage Treatment Plant

Dongping Sewage Treatment Plant

Hefeng Sewage Treatment Plant

Honglan Sewage Treatment Plant

Jingqiao Sewage Treatment Plant

Shijie Wastewater Treatment Plant

Central Control Room of Sewage Plant in the Region

This plan was designed and constructed by Nanjing Kangzhuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. There are six townships in the administrative district, each township has a small sewage treatment plant, and the administrative district has a large total sewage treatment plant. Now it is necessary to carry out video monitoring and management of the sewage treatment plants in six towns and towns, and transmit the main video pictures of the six townships to the district general sewage treatment plant for centralized management and control. As a result, each sewage treatment plant can be managed more intuitively, humanely and safely, so that staffing is rationalized and work efficiency is improved.

Each township sewage treatment plant is designed with two monitoring points to collect the entrance and exit of the sewage treatment plant and panoramic pictures. Each township stores local screens to ensure the safety of personnel, property and equipment in the factory. At the same time, the picture of each township sewage treatment plant is transmitted to the total sewage treatment plant via a broadband and a virtual local area network. The main sewage treatment plant carries out remote screen storage and preview of each township sewage treatment plant, and in conjunction with the automation system, coordinates and directs each township sewage treatment plant.

As shown in the figure:

The difficulty of this solution lies in the bandwidth required for transmission from the substation to the main station. Because video transmission occupies a large amount of bandwidth resources, the current general network environment in China cannot perfectly realize smooth real-time pictures. For the substation to set 2 video sources, the current coding technology needs at least the actual line bandwidth to be about 4M. At present, some provinces and cities in China can reach this speed through dial-up Internet access. Cities that are unable to reach this point need to apply for static IP services. For the central station to centrally store the video sources of each sub-site, this solution theoretically requires 24M downlink bandwidth, and many cities dial up to 100M downlink bandwidth.

In short, with the rapid development of the coding technology of cameras and the continuous improvement of network technology, the demand for information management becomes more and more urgent. In the future, remote centralized monitoring will be easier to implement and the requirements will be more extensive!

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