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plc sewage treatment control system

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Project Name: plc sewage treatment control system of Shanghai Haibin Sewage Treatment Plant
Contractor: Nanjing Kangzhuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
Nanjing Kangzhuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and manufacturer of plc sewage treatment control systems, automatic control systems for sewage treatment plants, central control systems for sewage treatment plants, and online monitoring systems for sewage treatment plants. Program. If you need to purchase the automatic control system of the sewage treatment plant and the automatic control system of the pump station, please contact us, the consultation hotline: 400-0940-400
Advantages of PLC in sewage treatment plant
Practicality: The purpose of the PLC system is to meet the production control and management requirements of the sewage plant. Under advanced conditions, the equipment and system should meet the actual requirements.
Reliability: The production process of the sewage treatment plant requires continuous reliability of the PLC control system.
Economical: PLC system has high technical content and complicated equipment. Therefore, technical and economic comparison should be carried out when designing.
Advanced: Network technology, information technology, and PLC control technology have developed rapidly.
According to the design scale of Shanghai Haibin Sewage Treatment Plant and the characteristics of BAF biological filter process, the design is based on the principle of advanced technology, high cost performance, and applicable reliability. Based on the basic principles of centralized monitoring and decentralized control, a PLC (programmable controller) -based monitoring control and data acquisition system (SCADA) is used. The working conditions are monitored in real time, and there are facilities such as signal alarms and interlocks to ensure the normal operation of the production. The production process PLC adopts independent local control. From the perspective of production safety and the technical mastery of the operator, a three-level control layer is set up: manual local equipment, on-site monitoring of PLC substations, and remote monitoring in the central control room.
A central control room is set up in the comprehensive building, and there are 7 on-site processing substations including 1 # pretreatment PLC substation, 2 # BAF biological filter PLC substation and 3 # sludge treatment PLC substation. During central control, the main equipment can be started and stopped. At the same time, the operation status of the equipment is also sent to the upper computer through the communication bus, and the operation of the entire plant equipment is monitored on the computer.
The central control room is also equipped with an Ethernet switch, which is connected to the plant-level management PLC layer Ethernet information network, and set up a factory director's office terminal, production management terminal, and laboratory terminal.
plc sewage treatment control system
The sewage treatment plant PLC control system consists of two computers, eight field control stations, process instruments, and power transmitters. Eight field control stations are used to control field equipment, collect dynamic process parameters and equipment working conditions. The on-site control station is set in several cells with relatively concentrated control objects and signal sources according to the actual process of the sewage treatment plant and the geometrical distribution of the structures. It also considers saving investment as much as possible without affecting the control function and equipment safety. The control system consists of 8 field control stations. They are located in: 1 # pumping station outside the factory; 2 # pumping station outside the factory; central control room in the factory; low-voltage electricity room in the factory; blower room (3 stations); dehydration machine room. 0 # workstation ~ 5 # workstations use A1SJ71AR21 module to communicate through coaxial cable. The distance between the 1 # workstation and the 2 # workstation is 4 to 5 kilometers from the main workstation in the factory, and there is no one on duty. The passive telephone line of the telecommunication company is rented to control the pump room equipment and data transmission through the modem and A1SJ71UC24 communication module.
plc sewage treatment control system services
Kangzhuo plc sewage treatment control system has been in use since the sale. If you need technical assistance in the use process, the company has set up professional customer service for marketing services, providing users with free pre-sale, during-sale, and after-sale technical consultation and installation and commissioning guidance to solve users the question raised.
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