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Automatic remote monitoring system for sewage pumping station

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Automatic remote monitoring system for sewage pumping station
Nanjing Kangzhuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Kangzhuo Technology) is a high-tech enterprise integrating the development of automatic remote monitoring system for sewage pumping stations, system design, installation and commissioning, engineering services, product manufacturing and sales.
Kangzhuo Technology independently developed an automatic remote monitoring system for sewage pumping stations and an unattended centralized control management system for drainage pumps. It is an automated network monitoring management system that integrates sensing technology, automation control technology, wireless communication technology, and network technology.
The pump station management personnel can remotely monitor the liquid level or pressure in the station, the working status of the pump set, the outbound flow, and the outbound pressure in the pump station monitoring center; support manual control, automatic control, and remote control of the pump set Start and stop to realize unattended pumping station. The system is suitable for remote monitoring and management of urban water supply systems, power plants, factories, and drainage pumping stations.
System composition structure
Kangzhuo Technology sewage pumping station automation remote monitoring system \ drain pump unattended centralized control management system mainly includes: the main room monitoring platform of the duty room center and the on-site pump room control sub-station:
The central master station monitoring platform is composed of industrial control computer, system monitoring software, and network access equipment. It can realize multiple functions such as monitoring, querying, remote adjustment, calculation, statistics, control, storage, analysis, and alarm.
The on-site pump room control substation is mainly composed of data acquisition module, electromagnetic flowmeter, pressure transmitter, liquid level sensor, solenoid valve, measurement and control instrument, data transmitter, lightning arrester, power controller, relay unit, power distribution control cabinet and Composed of mounting accessories. It is connected with the central master station monitoring platform through wireless data transmission radio or GPRS / 3G network. Each well pump station in the water source area is a sub-station, and the central pump house leads each sub-station. Through China Mobile's wireless data transmission equipment, point-to-multipoint communication is realized, so that remote centralized monitoring and control of each well pump is finally achieved .
control function
(1) Monitoring acquisition function
Monitor and collect the pump station water level, incoming station pressure, outgoing station flow, outgoing station pressure; monitor the start-stop status, current, voltage, protection status of the pump set and the actual temperature of the deep well pump motor.
(2) Manual / automatic, remote control functions
Support manual control, automatic control, remote control of the start and stop of the pump, the control mode can be switched, and the startup sequence of the sewage pump can be rotated intelligently to prolong the service life of the equipment.
(3) Parameter display setting function
The working status of the monitored equipment is displayed on site, and the working voltage and current of each pump are displayed; monitoring data such as water level, pressure and flow are displayed. You can read, modify, and set the working parameters of the measurement and control terminal on site or remotely.
(4) Deployment control function
In the central pump room, the start and stop status of the pump motor is controlled remotely through the system application interface. The pump's operating time, working current, working voltage, voltage and other electrical parameters support manual and automatic control of the pump startup cabinet. Protect the pump equipment from excessive current, phase loss, and low water levels.
(5) History record function
Record the necessary states of the system, such as start, stop, fault alarm, etc., and the operating personnel can query historical data. Real-time monitoring of the motor, if there are line faults such as overload, stall, phase loss, under-load, or pump temperature and other parameters exceeding the standard alarm and display, record in place, you can set and change the operating parameter function.
(6) Communication function
Industrial Ethernet, GPRS / GSM / 3G network, RS485 bus, optical fiber and other communication methods
(7) Data query / storage function
With large-capacity data storage function, monitoring data and equipment working parameters can be displayed and queried on site.
(8) Easy maintenance
Support local and remote equipment maintenance, timely update equipment to ensure the normal operation of the system.
(9) Standby redundancy function
This system has multiple standard interface protocols. In order to avoid inconvenience caused by equipment failure and abnormality, the equipment can be extended and redundant, compatible with pulse water meters or various flow meters produced by any manufacturer, and variable transmitters with standard signal output.
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