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Pumping station automation control system

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Pump station automation control system Flood, drought, and water resources and environmental problems in China are becoming more and more serious. With the continuous development of China's economy, the problems of water resources have attracted more and more attention. In order to solve the problems of shortage of water resources, frequent floods, and deterioration of water quality and environment, the state has implemented the construction and implementation of large-scale systems such as the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, and the automation of pumping stations is playing an increasingly important role.
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In pumping station automation systems, users usually focus on the following requirements:
■ Improve information collection
■ Improve the timeliness of transmission
■ Improve automation
■ Improve management efficiency and ensure efficient system operation
■ Safe operation
■ Save manpower and energy costs
■ System scalability and maintainability
■ Safe and reliable, complete functions, practical economy and simple structure
system introduction
The pumping station control system adopts a distributed two-level distributed computer control system. The central centralized monitoring system is installed in the central control room of the pumping station, and is used to achieve centralized control and management of the entire station. The control system adopts a centralized monitoring method in the control room. The monitoring and management computer communicates with field-level electrical control equipment and instruments such as the PCC control system through industrial Ethernet for data communication, providing comprehensive monitoring, protection, information and regulation for the normal operation of the entire station. The parameters of the pumping station and the operating status of the equipment are processed through the PCC control cabinet and touch screen. At the same time, data exchange is performed with the industrial control computer of the upper operation station. The monitoring screen of the upper computer can display the equipment of the main process sections of the entire pumping station. Operating status and water quality status. Based on these status parameters, the operator can control the field equipment and understand the water treatment status through the mouse and keyboard. The upper operation station adopts fully redundant standby mode. After any one of them fails, the other can continue to work, thereby ensuring the reliable operation of the system. The selected PLC control system has the current international advanced level of European and American imported brand company product series, and the selected control system has the following performance requirements:
1) Stability: based on a stable, secure, and open source operating system;
2) Scalability structure: The software system adopts a real client / server (C / S) architecture, which can be expanded flexibly and conveniently, and there is no need to modify the server when adding clients. Restrictions; the operation bus (operator station connection server) and process bus (field control station connection server) networks are separated;
3) Openness: Support multiple fieldbus protocols, Profibus-DP / FMS / CAN / CAN OPEN / Modubs / Industrial Ethernet, etc .;
4) All support XML / OPC / MySQL / PVI open system connection protocol and internal X2X communication;
5) Debug directly from the graphic function block (can directly go to variables, IO, trend graphs, etc.);
6) Support disturbance-free download or single task download;
7) Support audit trail function;
8) Integrate various professional industry libraries;
9) With powerful control and monitoring functions and excellent man-machine interface system;
10) The lower-level control and higher-level control have a global system database. The configuration of the system and control strategy need only be done once, and all functions related to the control and reality are accessed through the unique variable name. Avoid data mapping between HMI database and control database to reduce the probability of errors;
11) The upper monitoring software, programming software and system hardware of this system must be the same brand and genuine software;
12) The control system needs to support disturbance-free download, that is, it is not necessary to stop or restart the system when upgrading I / O modules or adjusting some control programs;
13) The control system needs to have strong self-diagnostic capabilities for I / O or network nodes, without the need for third-party software support;
14) The control program can be selected to run on-site control station or host server according to the actual situation, and can be simply set through software.
15) The local expansion of the PCC system must use the POWERLINK bus mode.
16) The touch screen and CPU communication must use CAN BUS mode.
17) With GPRS data receiving and sending functions.
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