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Monitoring system of sewage treatment plant

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Project Name: Chaogang Caigang Pumping Station Automation Monitoring System
Contractor: Nanjing Kangzhuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
Nanjing Kangzhuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of sewage treatment systems (Kangzhuo Technology for short), has a wealth of experience in pumping station sewage treatment equipment. The sewage treatment system equipment has good performance, reasonable prices, and guaranteed quality. National consultation hotline: 400-0940-400
Project Overview:
The service scope of Caigang Pumping Station in Chaohu City is the entire Jiatangyu District, adjacent to Shuangqiao River in the west, Xihuanhe River in the west, Qionghonggou in the north, and the north bank of Chaohu in the south. . The pumping station has a designed drainage capacity of 22m3 / s and a total installed capacity of 2960kW. It is a medium-sized pumping station such as III.
The hub arrangement of the pumping station is composed of buildings outside the station, such as the inlet culvert outside the station, the control gate in front of the station, the front pond, the grille channel, the inlet pool, the pump room, the outlet pressure culvert, the flood gate, and the outlet.
The water pump unit adopts three large and two small configurations. Three large pumps use 1600HDBX-50A (0 ) submersible mixed-flow pump unit (with planetary gear reducer), the single unit capacity is 800 KW, the supporting motor is an asynchronous motor, and the pump design lift is 8.41m. The stand-alone flow is 6.1m3 / s; the two small pumps use 1000HDB-50A (-2 ) submersible mixed-flow pumping unit with a stand-alone capacity of 280 KW, the pump design head is 8.41m, and the stand-alone flow is 2.05m3 / s. The water pump is wet-mounted, and the water outlet of each water pump is provided with an energy-saving free roll-over flap door.
Monitoring system introduction:
The video monitoring system of Chaogang Caigang Pumping Station is always designed as a system combining a small and medium-sized analog matrix with a digital network. The video monitoring system of the pumping station has 8 monitoring points, which are scattered around the entrance and exit of the pumping station and around the equipment. The image of the camera is transmitted to the pumping station control room through the video signal line. The corresponding medium-sized matrix is configured. After the images are collected, they are controlled by the keyboard to reflect the images on the monitor. The pumping station has a video monitoring wall.
A complete monitoring system consists of the following aspects:
Front-end camera system: As a surveillance system, the camera is the most basic component. In this solution, in order to ensure the surveillance video produced at night, an infrared dome camera is required.
Transmission system: the part that transmits the front-end video back to the control center and transmits control signals from the control system to the front-end camera system. In this system, the monitoring point needs to be transmitted to the monitoring center through the optical terminal video signals, control signals and audio signals by means of railway communication lines.
Control system: control and switch the front-end camera. In this design scheme, devices such as video matrix and keyboard are required;
Display and video recording system: It is a system composed of equipment such as camera image display and video recording. In this solution, devices such as monitors, hard disk recorders, and management software are required.
The following is a description of each system part:
Front-end camera system:
Transmission system:
A) Video optical transceiver to transmit control signals and video signals, B) Use audio and video optical transceivers to transmit without delay, C) No video compression loss, D) Real-time transmission is possible.
E) The output image of the control system needs to be uploaded to the network, F) Available for leaders to view on the computer.
Control system and display video system:
The central control room is set up: All the front-end images are received here, and all the images are connected to the video input of the matrix. The staff in the monitoring room can view the images of all cameras through the keyboard and monitor, and realize the control of the PTZ camera. In addition, the DVS (Video Server) function of the hard disk recording host can transmit the output images to the network. Leaders at all levels can view all the front-end images through the management software on the computer and can control the spherical camera.
The function of the video matrix is to group or display all videos on the monitor individually. The video matrix of VL-CT88SC-16V8H is required (maximum 16-channel input, maximum 8-channel output), all front-end video signals enter the video matrix, and loop-through and then signal enter hard disk video recorder for recording.
The central video recording system adopts a variety of video recording methods. According to actual requirements, all video recording points can be recorded in real time through 8 screens, so that the operator can timely transfer the screens to the video recorder for playback after discovering the situation. Recording methods include timing recording, moving recording, alarm recording, manual recording, etc. The bit rate is adjustable. The DVR is also connected to the network, and the operator can also view the real-time images and video data in the DVR at any time.
Considering the expansion of the entire system, the central matrix in this system uses a card-type matrix. If you need to increase the number of video points, the central matrix can be achieved by adding only a card, making the system expansion more convenient and quick.
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