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Negative pressure water supply equipment (2 pumps)

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I. Overview

With the expansion and reconstruction of urban buildings in our country, the residential floors continue to increase, the urban area continues to expand, and the urban-rural integration of regional water supply projects, the pressure of the original urban water supply network is increasingly insufficient. Traditional secondary pressurization equipment (mainly through the construction of reservoirs and high-level water tanks, using pumps to pressurize) has some disadvantages: large investment and daily maintenance costs, water quality is susceptible to secondary pollution, and does not save energy. With the development of water supply technology and equipment, and China's urban water supply capacity has also been greatly enhanced, tap water supply methods with hygienic, energy saving, small footprint and other advantages have gradually emerged.

Non-negative pressure (superimposed) water supply equipment is an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly water supply equipment. It uses the tap water supply pipe network to meet the excess pressure after service pressure, and superimposes the boosted water supply directly from the pipe network or water tank (box type). Not only can it better protect the water volume and pressure of users along the water discharge point, but also save pressure energy and ensure the "three highs and one far" (small high-rise buildings with more than 7 floors, high-rise buildings with a terrain above 7 floors, It is far away from water plants and pipe network boosting stations), and also has the advantages of fully enclosed, pollution-free, small footprint, fast installation, reliable operation and convenient maintenance.

Under the concept of pursuing excellent quality, Kangzhuo's technical personnel combined with their long-term research and production experience in the water supply market, comprehensively considered some advantages and disadvantages of their counterparts, did a lot of tests and trial production, and used the original ASK1 series of variable-frequency water supply. Based on the equipment, a new generation of KZB series non-negative pressure variable frequency water supply equipment was developed.

Product Features

1. The province of equipment investment is directly connected to the water pipe network in series, no need to build a reservoir or water tank, and no need to set a large air pressure tank, saving a lot of investment.

2. Hygienic and non-polluting water supply system The fully sealed structure from the tap water pipe network to the user's faucet will not allow pollutants to enter the system; the water body does not come into direct contact with the air, and the flow parts are made of food-grade stainless steel, there is no opportunity for secondary pollution, environmental protection and hygiene .

3. Significant energy-saving effect The equipment makes full use of the original pressure of the municipal pipe network, how much difference, how much to make up, can make full use of the residual pressure of the pipe network; during low water peak periods, the equipment does not even need to run, the energy-saving effect is significant, compared with traditional water supply equipment, Energy saving is 30% ~ 90%.

4. Save water resources No regular cleaning, no waste of water resources and human resources, saving maintenance costs.

5, small footprint No need to build a storage tank or water tank, no need to configure large air pressure tanks, greatly saving the system footprint, can make full use of the saved land to improve the utilization rate of real estate, in line with national land conservation requirements

6. Unique flow control function At present, most of the non-negative pressure water supply equipment on the market does not have a flow limit function when the amount of incoming water from the municipal pipe network is insufficient. Only when the pressure of the municipal pipe network drops to zero, the water shortage shutdown action is performed. In this condition, the pump either starts and stops frequently, or simply stops. It affects the normal continuous water supply of the booster users and the service pressure of the municipal pipeline network. The new generation of non-negative pressure variable frequency water supply equipment developed by our company adopts advanced analog control technology. When the amount of incoming water is insufficient, it can ensure the minimum service pressure of the municipal pipe network and the normal continuous water supply of users.

7. Easy installation When the equipment arrives at the site, only the inlet and outlet pipes need to be connected, the construction period is short, and the installation is simple.

8. The power supply will not stop the water supply. When the power supply fails, the system will automatically switch to the original pressure of the municipal pipe network to supply water as usual.

9. Easy management and maintenance Adopting highly intelligent unmanned automatic operation, automatic shutdown of power failure equipment, automatic startup of incoming calls, complete fault detection, diagnostic technology and alarm reminders make the management and maintenance of the equipment exceptionally simple.

10. Advanced remote monitoring and monitoring functions Equipment operation data can be transmitted to the user's central control room and our company through wired and wireless transmission methods, real-time grasp of the equipment operation and remote control.

Third, the scope of application

1. Suitable for pressurized water supply in any area with insufficient tap water pressure;

2. Living water for new residential quarters or office buildings;

3. Large-scale water supply intermediate pressure pumping stations of various waterworks;

4. Water supply mode that can be shared with the built pool or water tank to further save energy;

5. Renovation of original old water supply equipment;

6. Production and domestic water of various industrial and mining enterprises.

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