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Frequency conversion constant pressure water supply equipment

Manufacturer: Nanjing Kangzhuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.Official Website: ai-master.cn Times

Operating environment
Maximum temperature: 55 C
Minimum temperature: -15 C
Relative humidity: 90%
Average atmospheric pressure: 800 ~ 1200.4Pa
Altitude: -800 ~ 2000 meters without derating
Shock resistance: EN50178 / EN60068-2-6
Impact resistance: EN50178 / EN60068-2-27

Specifications: 2000 800 600 and customized
Protection level: IP20 / IP54 / IP55 (imitation Wei coated cabinet)
Certification: Conforms to CCC, CE and UL certification standards
Power: 0.75 ~ 1200KW
Voltage level: AC220V, 380.690V

Scope of application:
Mainly suitable for production and living centralized water supply, secondary pressurization of tap water, garden spraying, pipe network voltage stabilization, automatic water supply of water features, mainly to replace high-level water tanks, to eliminate secondary pollution of water quality, gas holding pressure, set as required Regulated water supply, less land occupation, less investment, short construction period, regulating peak and valley water volume, automatic start and stop, high efficiency and energy saving.

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