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Frequency conversion water supply control cabinet

Manufacturer: Nanjing Kangzhuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.Official Website: ai-master.cn Times

The product overview generally stipulates that the water pressure of the urban pipe network only guarantees water for buildings below five meters, and the remaining upper floors must be "raised" to meet the water requirements. In the past, traditional water towers, high-level water tanks, or pneumatic tank-type pressurization equipment were mostly used, but they all had to be "lifted" by the water pump with a pressure higher than the actual water use height. As a result, the shaft power and energy loss of the water pump were increased. And secondary pollution. When the frequency conversion water supply control cabinet technology is applied to fluid loads such as pumps and fans, the flow rate and pressure of the fluid can be adjusted automatically or constantly according to actual needs. At the same time prolong the service life of the equipment, without current and water pressure shock. The energy saving effect can save electricity by 40% to 50% and water by 7% compared with the method of controlling the pressure or flow with a valve. Conventional water pumps operate at rated load most of the time, especially for water supply in water plants and residential areas. The design of the water pumps is based on the maximum water load. The water load varies greatly during 24 hours, and the water consumption at night is less. Frequency conversion is used. Constant pressure water supply equipment can automatically adjust the speed of the pump according to the change in water consumption, while ensuring that the water supply pressure is constant, which not only saves a lot of energy, prolongs the service life of the equipment, but also solves the problem of secondary pollution of the water source. It is a very ideal High-tech energy-saving products.

The scope of application is mainly applicable to production and living centralized water supply, secondary pressurization of tap water, garden spraying, pipe network stabilization, and automatic water supply for water features. It is mainly used to replace high-level water tanks, eliminate secondary pollution of water quality, and maintain gas pressure. The pipe network stabilizes the water supply, occupies less land, saves investment, has a short construction period, regulates the peak and valley water volume, automatically starts and stops, and is highly energy efficient.

Operating environment
Maximum temperature: 55 C
Minimum temperature: -15 C
Relative humidity: 90%
Average atmospheric pressure: 800 ~ 1200.4Pa
Altitude: -800 ~ 2000 meters without derating
Shock resistance: EN50178 / EN60068-2-6
Impact resistance: EN50178 / EN60068-2-27

Specifications: 2000 800 600 and customized
Protection level: IP20 / IP54 / IP55 (imitation Rittal cabinet)
Certification: Conforms to CCC, CE and UL certification standards
Power: 0.75 ~ 1200KW
Voltage level: AC220V, 380.690V

The maintenance products are free for one month and three months from the time of sale. The warranty is free within one year. For technical assistance during the life-long maintenance service, the company has set up professional customer service for marketing services to provide users with free pre-sale and Technical consultation, installation and commissioning guidance during and after sales, to solve the problems raised by users.
24-hour service hotline (toll-free): 400-0940-400
Notes for ordering: * Please specify model, quantity, and whether there are special needs.

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