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Water pump automation control cabinet

Manufacturer: Nanjing Kangzhuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.Official Website: ai-master.cn Times

Control cabinet name: Pump automation control cabinet

Product overview The pump automatic control cabinet is a well-designed and manufactured product that Kangzhuo Technology fully absorbs the advanced experience of pump control at home and abroad. After years of production and application, continuous improvement and optimization. This product has a variety of protection functions such as overload, short circuit, phase loss protection, pump body water leakage, motor over temperature and leakage, and complete status display. It also has single-pump and multi-pump control working modes, multiple main-standby pump switching modes and various starting modes. Can be widely used in industrial and agricultural production and various starting methods. It can be widely used in industrial and agricultural production and various types of buildings for automatic control of water supply, drainage, fire protection, spray pipe network pressurization, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cold and hot water circulation and other occasions. Kang Zhuo series pump control cabinet has excellent internal quality, beautiful and durable appearance, convenient installation and operation, and is a safe and reliable companion for various pumps.

1. Automatic control cabinets are widely used For various occasions, such as domestic water supply, fire sprinkler pressurization, air conditioning cooling circulation pumps, industrial control pumps, sewage sewage pumps, etc. have corresponding model specifications. Control motor power range: 0.18 ~ 280KW.
2. Excellent quality Selection of international and domestic brand-name electrical components and high-quality standard cabinets independently researched and developed by Kang Zhuo, carefully designed and manufactured with precision.
3. Complete functions From one control one to one control four, the main and backup pumps can be arbitrarily selected and combined, a variety of startup methods, various types of control, fault usurp switch, and can be specially designed for you.

4. Excellent assembly In the process equipment, Kang Zhuo has a group of highly qualified professional assembly workers who have been trained in strict accordance with the design and the corresponding national wiring installation regulations. Strive to achieve beautiful and generous wiring, clear layers, firm and reliable wiring, and good contact. The markings are complete, clear and firm. The panel is neat and the components are arranged evenly and beautifully.

5. Strict inspection Kangzhuo has a group of its own professional inspectors. During the inspection, strict standards are adopted. Before the components are stored, our inspectors will conduct sampling inspections of the purchased components. First, observe whether the packaging of the components is damaged. , Check the appearance of the components for damage, cracks, etc. again, randomly select a few to do the power test, check whether its electrical performance meets the procurement standards and the product ’s own electrical performance standards. After assembly into a finished cabinet, strictly follow Design and inspection process for quality inspection. Once problems are found, follow-up will be carried out until the problem link is found out, and full testing will be conducted during inspection to ensure zero errors.

After-sales service Kang Zhuo has a complete product service system and has trained a group of its own professional after-sales service personnel. Provide users with pre-sale consultation at any time. The after-sales service is thoughtful and timely, and the delivery is on time, eliminating your worries.
Order hotline Nanjing Kangzhuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. National unified customer service phone (toll-free): 400-0940-400

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